Coating & Inks Industry
Mitsui TDI Hardener (L-75T, D-204T-3, D-260T, D-268T, D-262T,M-432T) NPU HDI Hardener (HXR,HXR-90B,HR-T,HK/Quick-dry Type,BI-301/Enclosed Type,AQ-140 /Aqueous Type)
Cristal Titanium Dioxide (TiONA®595, TiONA®696, TiONA®69; TiONA®128, TiONA®122, TiONA®134) Mitsubishi Rayon Acrylic Resins (BR-113, BR-106, BR-116, BR-115, BR-73, BR-85,MB-2952)
ChangChun Amino Resins (BR-167,BR-20SE,MR-603,MR-625,BR-37A,BR-45A,BR-72G) ChangChun Epoxy Resins (Liquid:BE-188,BE-501X75)
Kuraray Polyvinyl Butyral (Mowital B16H, Mowital B20H,Mowital B30H,Mowital B60H) TOYOBO Saturated Polyester Resins (#200,#600,#630,#670,#673,GK360,GK680, GM420-K01/K02)
The products of coating and printing ink industry are mainly used in the area of industrial paint, wood paint, building coating, printing ink, etc