• Changzhou Yongfeng foam manufacturing Co. Ltd.
    Changzhou Yongfeng foam manufacturing Co. Ltd., in 2006 May by Hongkong Ze strong company to set up investment, a total area of 35000 square meters, including building area of 20000 square meters, in 2002 to Changzhou Chengfeng foamed plastic Co., Ltd. started operation. The company is located in the city of Changzhou Zhenglu town Wujin Jiaoxi Industrial Zone, adjacent to Shanghai Nanjing Expressway, the traffic is convenient. At present annual output of 5000 tons. With more than 8 years of foam production experience make me the company has the ability to provide products to meet market needs. The core of the company's products, PU foam, in recent years popular customer high praise. Our special foam, including all kinds of ordinary foam, filter sponge, sound-absorbing sponge, slow rebound foam, high resilience foam, foam fire retardant foam, seaweed, anti-static foam, mattresses, pillows, sofa with sponge, and distribution of the ZOTEFOAMS foam, I Division can be a variety of processing for the materials, can satisfy the different punching type customers of any shape of the above materials, cutting and other requirements. Products are widely used in air conditioning fittings, automobile and motorcycle accessories, electronic sound and thermal insulation materials, insulation materials, packaging materials, car brush, cleaning supplies, mattresses, pillows, furniture etc.. The company has advanced production equipment, sophisticated detection equipment, strict management mechanism, and efficient work team, in the production practice and formed a complete quality assurance system and the quality of service ability. Changzhou Yongfeng foam manufacturing limited company's good faith, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome all friends to visit Changzhou Yongfeng foam manufacturing limited company to visit, guidance and business negotiation. Our company will be excellent quality, best delivery, reasonable prices and dedicated service to sincerely cooperate with you!
  • Hubei Chengfeng Polyurethane Co. Ltd.
    Hubei Chengfeng Polyurethane Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, is a large enterprise specializing in the production of sponge, sponge products specializing in the production of various types of high-grade in. Located in the South Gate of Hubei -- the beautiful Xianning Tongshan County Development Zone, covers an area of 140 acres, the capital 50000000 yuan. The company has advanced technology and sponge production, cutting processing equipment, and has the following three advantages:
    Advantage: the company now located in Southeastern Hubei, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi provinces for interchange, there are longitudinal (wide high-speed), transverse (hang Rui highway) two high-speed, high-speed Xianning to Tongshan is also under construction, will be open to traffic, the future will have the railway from the Tongshan after. Company from Hang Rui highway entrances and exits of about 3 kilometers, about 110 kilometers north to the capital of Wuhan, South to Changsha is about 270 kilometers, about 270 kilometers east of Nanchang, the traffic is very convenient. Locational advantages can greatly shorten the production cycle and the supply and demand sides of the delivery cycle.
    Technical advantages: Hubei Cheng Feng and Changzhou Chengfeng foam, foam, Changzhou Yongfeng Zhejiang Hong Gao Wang sponge, Dongguan with PU Li is the relationship between enterprise, has a strong technical strength. In product development, product performance improvement and promotion, to meet customer special requirements of sponge has very strong ability.
    Product types and processing capacity advantage: the company's existing products include: Industrial (auto flame-retardant and anti-static anti yellowing filtering silencing electronics packaging) civilian class (furniture soft slow rebound high resilience cleanser sponge sponge) also includes special sponge (ultra high density cotton underwear, cotton halogen-free cotton) and rubber sponge. According to customer requirements to provide special cutting, deep processing, stamping molding, lamination film wave, gum etc.. Company's existing Germany imported ring cutting machine and packing machine, cutting machine, computer cutting machine long, disc machine, cutting machine, cutting machine, vertical joint gum machine and a number of high end and general machinery processing equipment, to meet the different requirements of customers on the sponge.
    Quality first, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, service first-class! Is willing to cooperate with people from all walks of life, friends sincerely, common development!
  • 青岛昱铨海绵制品有限公司
  • Changzhou Cheng Feng CO
    Changzhou Cheng Feng CO., LTD had founded in 1999. In 2002, it became a Chinese-foreign joint venture with Taiwan, and capital sum was USD 1 million.
    Annual output 1000MT, covers an area of 50mu, and had perfect products categories.
    Plant located in San He Kou development zone, Jiao Xi Town, Changzhou City, Jiang Su Province. Get off from Heng Shan station of HuNing high speed road, then 10 minutes to the west. Its products are used for air-condition accessories, motorcycle parts, muffling and heat insulation of automobiles, electrical insulating material, packing material, making brushing , cleaning products, pillows and furniture and so on. Customers are from the whole nation. There are more than 70 employees. Its processing equipments are all in readiness.